14th June 2019 - Marius Cumming from AWI caught up with Ian recently for a chat about working dogs. Check out the podcast by clicking on the link below⬇️

15th September 2018 - Wow!!! What a fantastic couple of days we had sharing our knowledge at the Bayer initiated dog school this week. Congratulations to all dogs and handlers on some great outcomes and lots of laughs! Big thank you to Cate, Jacqui and Danny from Bayer for taking the initiative. Unfortunately we couldn’t take everyone, but all the same information and knowledge is available from our online videos and DVD’s

July 13 2018 - Doghouse staff supervising packaging & posting of your DVD’s. Keep an eye on your mail box, they’re on the way 📀📮👍

June 11 2018 - Well Sally certainly graduated in style yesterday at the Casterton Working Dog Auction! We are so proud of her. After first demonstrating her skills, she was chosen by a wonderful farming family from Naracoorte to become their CEO of all livestock movements. Her sale price of $16,500 shows that well trained working dogs are in demand & are very much valued. All Sally’s training was using our Doghouse Training System that we want to share with anyone who wishes to train a dog from scratch or fix any problems with your existing 4 legged staff members. It’s easy, it’s fun & there is no place for stress, fear or pain. Check it out at 🎉🎊Well done Sally!!! 🎉🎊

16 May 2018 - COMPLETE SERIES AVAILABLE NOW!!! We have finally achieved our dream of putting our entire working dog training system onto video and creating an easy to follow, complete, comprehensive, enjoyable and proven method of training livestock working dogs. Our method of training working dogs can be taught to dogs of any age so yes you can teach an old dog new tricks. The principles can be applied to your existing work mates of any age and the response is often immediate. It is the culmination of 45 years of experience and passion in creating a method of training working dogs that is free of stress, pain and fear.
The training series, consisting of nine episodes, is available to be downloaded onto your computer or smart phone by visiting our website and following the prompts and once downloaded the episodes are yours for life.
We are now focusing our efforts on putting the entire series onto DVD and these will be available in July. The cost will be the same as the online videos plus a small fee for postage and handling. Anyone who has purchased the entire nine episode series online prior to the DVD’s being available will be sent the complete training program on DVD free of charge as a gesture of our appreciation for your amazing encouragement and support. Enjoy the journey